We’ll Miss You CapMacDC

[image - Last Day of CapMacDC, Original Photo can be found on Instagram - http://instagram.com/p/gvwZoIyO2L]

Friday was the last day CapMacDC, one of my favorite food trucks, was on the road! So, of course I had make sure I made it to #FarragutFriday to get my last taste!

Truckeroo – June 2013

[image - Truckeroo Logo]

On Friday Ben and I went to Truckeroo for the first time — and it was AMAZING!! I had heard about it ages ago, and have really, really been wanting to try it. It was most definitely a food truck bonanza!

My DC Food Truck Obsession – Meatball Nation

[image - Meatball Nation Truck]

After waking up late for the 2nd day in a row and forgetting my lunch yet again, I guess I just had to have lunch from another food truck again! This time I walked over to Franklin Park and tried out “Nonna’s Balls” from the Meetball Nation truck . . .

My DC Food Truck Obsession


I have indeed fallen for the food truck frenzy. I just adore them and their gourmet goodness! I want to try every single one of them! Alas, I haven’t had the chance to do that yet, but here are the few I have tried. . . The Big Cheese Truck – Mt. Fuji: Brie, Fuji […]