Couch to 5k: What App Do You Use?

As you know I signed up for my first 5k last week. I am trying to get ready to train for this and I want to do that whole “Couch to 5k” thing that people do. So, my question for you is: which app (I have an android phone remember) is the right app? Or the “official app”? Because when I go into the Google Play store there are so many to choose from. Free ones, paid ones, ones that give you a free trial and ask you to pay later – so many choices! And how do you know which ones work and which ones don’t?!

My Social Media Guide for RFD’s 2nd Annual Coast-To-Coast Tap Takeover for DC Beer Week 2014

[RFD Coast to Coast thumbnail image]

Ok – so I’m super excited to go to RFD in Chinatown tonight . . . They’re featuring $5 pints from more than 20 American craft breweries on all 45 of their draft lines. Anyways, while I was eating lunch today, I threw together a quick list of the breweries twitter, instagram, and untappd handles because when I’m out and about I like to have their social media profiles accessible. I didn’t have time to make them linkable, but hopefully this is helpful anyways.

I Signed Up For My First 5k!


So, I did it — I signed up for my first 5k! But, not just any old 5k. I knew if I was going to run (which by the way I don’t do — err, didn’t do I guess), I wanted it to be meaningful. . .

I Got a New Phone

I got a new phone yesterday! I decided on the Samsung Galaxy S5, in Shimmery White. I contemplated waiting for the new Droid Moto X2 / X+1, but it wasn’t due out until September 25th-ish and I couldn’t wait that long. So – I took the plunge and the Galaxy S5 is what I opted for.

I Tried the “Julep Maven” Beauty Box Subscription Service and Here’s How It’s Going

[Julep Maven Box Thumb - 150x150]

It all started one day in June when I was perusing Facebook . . . it seemed like Julep was everywhere! So I was like, what the hell, I’ll “like” the company, no big deal! Well — next thing you know, I’m looking through their website not just thinking about buying some stuff, but considering a Maven subscription, oy! I mean, it looked like a pretty sweet deal for a beauty subscription box . . .

It’s Almost Time for Me to Get a New Phone! Do You Have Any Advice?

Welp, my old HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE with Verizon Wireless has been on-the-fritz for a while and I’ve just about had it! My 2yr contract up (as of 08/02/2014!!), so that means I can get a new phone any time now — yipee! Here are some of my thoughts and research for my upcoming purchase . . .

WordCamp NYC 2014

[image - WordCamp NYC 2014 "I'm Attending" Badge - 250px by 250px]

This past weekend I attended WordCamp NYC in Brooklyn. I was glad I was able to go and I learned a lot of great stuff. Here are the sessions I attended along with some of my notes and thoughts . . .